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Female Nude "Eos"

Fritz Klimsch

(German, 1870-1960)

Signed Klimsch
Inscribed Noack Berlin
Bronze with a rich dark brown patina and lighter brown highlights.
Height: 19 11/16" (50 cm)

Conceived and cast circa 1905

Fritz Klimsch first studied painting at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in Berlin before later changing to sculpture. Between 1886 and 1894 he studied under Albert Wolff and then under Fritz Schaper, both followers of the School of Christian Daniel Rauch. During this period he produced his first major works, including Achilles with the Body of Patroclus (1886) and Christ and Mary Magdalene (1892). On completion of his studies he won the Grosser Staaspreis, a prize which included a year’s scholarship in Rome.

In 1894 Klimsch visited Paris where he became familiar with the sculpture of Auguste Rodin. The work of the great mater influenced Klimsch deeply and the following year he went to Italy, visiting Rome, Florence, Genoa and Naples to see the work of the great Renaissance and sculptors.

Back in Berlin, Klimsch established his own studio and regularly contributed to the Great Exhibitions in Berlin. He achieved recognition with Dancer (1898), which was bought by the National Gallery, then a yardstick of artistic quality. In 1898 Klimsch became a founding member of the Berlin Secession group along with Lovis Corinth and Walter Leistikow. He remained on the board of the group until 1910 and when the association dissolved in 1913, he joined the Freie Secession.

The present sculpture of a female nude is titled Eos - depicting the Greek Goddess of the Dawn, sister to Helios, God of the Sun and Selene, Goddess of the Moon. She traditionally rose each morning from sleep on the horizon of the sea, and opened the gates of heaven for the sun to rise.

Works by Fritz Klimsch

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