• Demeure - Yves Dana, Bowman Sculpture Ltd
  • Demeure - Yves Dana, Bowman Sculpture Ltd
  • Demeure - Yves Dana, Bowman Sculpture Ltd
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Yves Dana

(Swiss, Contemporary)

Inscribed DANA
Calcaire blanc du Sinaï
Height: 27 1/2" (70 cm)

Conceived and carved in 2018

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1959, after training at the Écoles des Beaux-Arts, Geneva, Dana set up his first studio in 1979.

Dana’s first exhibition in 1982 featured twenty mechanical and acoustic sculptures made out of iron. He continued with this approach until 1996, when a six-month stay in Egypt, his birthplace, inspired him to create simpler, hieratic shapes cast in bronze. Dana says: ‘The six months I spent in Egypt really did give me a new lease of life and helped me to set both my mind and my hands free... It was then that I abandoned iron in favour of plaster. I worked under an immense sky on the edge of the desert... the frantic, bustling rhythm of the West gave way to a slower Eastern way of life...

During this time, he produced sixteen sculptures that were radically different from his previous work. The inspiration for the series came from ancient forms seen on that trip and thus the Stele series was born. A stele is an upright stone slab or pillar bearing an inscription or design and serving as a monument or marker. Dana says: ‘Standing upright... the idea of territory, traces and imprints... Steles clearly differentiate between the space that is in front of them and the space that is behind them. They look at us from one space to another, from their “beyond”. Their verticality calls for and questions our presence...

In 1987, at the suggestion of the City of Lausanne, Dana created his studio in the Orangerie of Parc Mon Repos. The sumptuous nineteenth century Orangery was built in 1824 and is a Swiss national heritage building. This huge double-height space allows Dana to create his sculpture on any scale he chooses. Yves Dana imports blocks of basalt from Sweden, limestone from Egypt, France and Turkey, serpentine from Italy and diabase from Germany. Monoliths weighing up to fifteen tonnes are transported to his studio in Switzerland. His bronzes are cast in Tuscany at the Foundry Mariani.

In 2011 The Editions Cercle d’Art Paris made a film about the artist. The documentary shows Yves Dana at work in his studio in Lausanne in December 2010. It explores his methods, such as meditating in front of stone blocks, and discusses his approach and his research. The film was premiered at Dana’s studio on the June 25th 2011.

Public exhibitions included at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao; the Pomodoro Foundation, Milan, in 2008; and his retrospective at the Arlaud Museum, Lausanne in 2015.

Bowman Sculpture has been the UK representative of Yves Dana since 2008.


Bernard Vasseur, Yves Dana: Une quête…la mienne, ou celle de chacun (Paris: 2007)

Bernard Noel, Yves Dana (Paris: 1992)

Juliet Charles, Dana Sculptures – Entretrien avec Charles Juliet / English Translation David Macey (Paris: 2008)

Kosme de Barañano, Geography of the Wind – Yves Dana: Recent Works (Milan: 2008)

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